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      - C/C++ Program Perfometer
      - n-ary Huffman Template Algorithm
      - C++ Stream Compatible TCP/IP Sockets
      - Post Machine (C++ Simulator)
      - Turing Machine (C++ Simulator)
      - Universal Turing Machine (C++ Simulator)
      - Turing Machine with Faults, Failures, Recovery (C++ Simulator)
      - Computing Very Large Fibonacci Numbers
      - BigInt (C++ class)
      - Flexible Vector and Matrix (C++ classes)
      - popen (C++-wrapper)
      - Network Interfaces (MAC Address)

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      - Fibonacci Connection between Huffman Codes and Wythoff Array
      - Turing Machine with Faults, Failures and Recovery
      - Fibonacci-Like Polynomials Produced by m-ary Huffman Codes for Absolutely Ordered Sequences

      - Computing Fibonacci Numbers on a Turing Machine
      - Computing Huffman codes on a Turing Machine
      - Huffman Trees, Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers
      - Fibonacci connection between Huffman codes and Wythoff array

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